Dance With the One What Brung Ya

How did you end up at Indie Albany?

Most of our original readers followed me here after the kerfuffle at the commercial site where I used to write. Some of the other writers who are still toiling in the blog mines over there have been kind enough to continue sending traffic our way all these months later, though, for the record, I don’t and won’t reciprocate that support. Nothing personal, mind you. Just part of the non-commercial charter of the beast that is Indie Albany.

Others had deeper history with me, or joined us as we expanded our group of writers over the first couple of months that we were live, and each of those writers brought their own circle of readers into the mix. We picked up a healthy dose of outside love and support when we received a WordPress Freshly Pressed nod back in November, and I’m glad to see some of the folks who found us then still reading, commenting, and referring.

As Chief Web Drone for this joint, what has been most gratifying over the past nine months has been seeing an ever-growing body of  traffic being directed our way by readers who have absolutely nothing to do with any of the writers here in any virtual or real world settings. Those are the kinds of referrals I like the most, since I know that people are making them for the right reasons (e.g. they like, or at least are interested in, what we do here), rather than simply out of some sense of obligation or guilt or pressure or what have you.

I’ve put folks from all of these cohorts down in the Indie Albany blogroll in the lower right quadrant of your screen, but tonight I want to bring an eclectic dozen of them up into the part of the blog that everybody sees, here above the fold, with brief statements on what they’re about, from where I sit. None of these sites may have the reach of the 800 Pound Commercial Blog Gorilla that dominates this market, but they’re all worthy of your love, be they local or not. I’d love to see some of them pop up in your own blogrolls. Do the right thing.

I hope you will join me in extending a hearty “Thank you” to each of them, as I extend an equally hearty “Go! Click! Read!” to the rest of you. As much as I eschew the false comforts of internet community, I do appreciate the support that all of these folks have offered to the Indie Albany enterprise, expecting nothing in return. We owe some portion of our success to you all.

Airplanes I Have Known (The only human being I know who is geekier about flying machines than I am).

Alison Amazed (The public blog of multi-disciplinary artist Alison Boston).

Chris Molla (Founder of Camper Van Beethoven, spectacular music educator, writer and cultural philosopher).

Don’t Kid Yourself (Will King’s excellent family-centric blog, now with 100% more Beeragra).

Get Visual (Fantastic art blog from artist, curator and writer David Brickman).

Gully Brook Press (A long-running web journal documenting an eclectic array of interests, including matters related to the University where I work).

Jed Davis (One of the greatest musicians and songwriters to ever call Albany, or Manhattan, home).

My NonUrban Life (Carl Johnson’s long-running and exceptional blog of wonders).

Nippertown (Okay, yeah, they’re commercial . . . but we love Greg and Sara, and if all web businesses were as ethical as this one, the world would truly be a better place).

Such Stuff (An epic archive of beautiful photography and magical words from Rosebud Penfold).

Through The Eyes of Eagles (Both writers are actually Eagle Scouts. Hats off to them both . . . that’s an awesome accomplishment!).

Unspeakable Visions (Christine Hmiel finds joy in the greatest places and things, and shares it infectiously).

(Note: This list is obviously not all-inclusive, so no offense intended if you link to us and you aren’t cited above . . . it doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate it!).

About J. Eric Smith
Executive Director, Salisbury House Foundation.

5 Responses to Dance With the One What Brung Ya

  1. Will King says:

    JES, thank you so much! I honestly and truthfully really do appreciate it!

    I, also, love Indie Albany!

  2. irisira says:

    I’ve only recently (the past couple of weeks) been reading this page, but I really love what I’m seeing. I have been feeling overwhelmed by my RSS feed of late (which I just recently blogged about myself), but that didn’t stop me from adding you guys to my reader.

  3. alisonamazed says:

    Hey thanks for the mention and the link! I do enjoy reading Indie Albany. Not here everyday, don’t read every post – but when one rings my bell it rings loud and clear. Most of all, I respect what you’re about, why you do what you do.

  4. gina says:

    Thanks, JES. This is the first I’ve visited here in a while (our good ole University is especially demanding at the end of the semester). Yes, I landed here originally due to the commercial site whose name shall not be spoken. Your comment (which blogger seems to have eaten in its crash this morning?) prompted me to surf over – how nice to find your link!

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