Great Out of the Gate: The Best Debut Album Ever (Part Three, Second Quarter of the First Round)

Note: This ten-part series is now complete, and this segment has been moved and incorporated into a single file version with all of the other segments, here: Great Out of the Gate: The Best Debut Album Ever (COMPLETE VERSION).

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4 Responses to Great Out of the Gate: The Best Debut Album Ever (Part Three, Second Quarter of the First Round)

  1. Iggy remixed Raw Power himself later, though IIRC his mix didn’t get released until…well after he was sober, anyway… I was going to discourse on them, but then I realized I no longer remember whose mix I own. One way or the other, it’s such a great, great album, even if it is like listening to a bootleg sometimes.

    • Bob W. says:

      Iggy’s mix is a good one…everything is still pushed far, far, FAR into the red, but it works. Love that album.

      The Cars snub was the true shocker for me this round. I’d say you let the cool kids get to you, Eric, but then you waxed poetic about King Crimson, so I guess you really don’t care about appearances. ;)

      • Yeah, the Cars/Floyd one was tough . . . though despite the snarky way I wrote it, I do think I made the correct choice, in terms of how unique “Piper” was upon its release (even if I do not think it has aged well), and what it made possible in the future. The Cars were so very insular and self-contained. I can’t think of any band who would proudly say “We were inspired by the Cars.” And their work with other artists was very limited, and not always good . . . Ric Ocasek produced Suicide’s debut album, for instance, and that’s a big reason why it got deleted from consideration in this poll, since it just does not sound good. (I love John Cale, too, but he’s another lousy producer . . . Stooges, Modern Lovers, Squeeze: all of their debut albums are important, and all of them sound like crap under Cale’s ministrations). So this may be the one that I regret when I read back on it five years from now . . . we shall see. I was sort of shocked at myself that I seriously considered advancing The Specials over King Crimson . . .

    • Yeah, I remember when that came out. I still like “Fun House” the best, by a long shot!!

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