My 100+ Favorite Albums Ever (Spring 2014 Update)

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8 Responses to My 100+ Favorite Albums Ever (Spring 2014 Update)

  1. Bob W. says:

    The Eagles’ “Desperado” — did I just miss it all these years or is that a new addition? And AC/DC’s “Black Ice” you say? Hmmmmmm…

    • “Desperado” has come and gone a few times over the years . . . it’s my fave Eagles album, so it’s generally a matter of whether I am feeling positively or negatively disposed toward them at the time of list updates!

      “Black Ice” is a great, fun, crunchy album. Very inviting, and recommended!

      • Bob W. says:

        Agreed on “Black Ice” – as a long-time fan I was pleasantly surprised when it came out. It was their best work since “Flick of the Switch” to these ears.

        Any 100 favorites list of mine (hmmmmm…) would have to include their “Powerage”…that album still gets at least a weekly spin from me.

  2. Red Metal says:

    Ah, you put Wire’s Change Becomes Us on there. I picked that one up about a month ago at my local record store; it’s great! It’s amazing that a band could be that strong so long after their debut.

    Back in Black was one of the first albums I got for my collection! It’s certainly a classic, but I thought in Best of the Blockbusters, you said that you liked Highway to Hell more. They’re both excellent hard rock albums though.

    It’s fun when collecting music to see what others would rank highly. It’s a good way to learn of new music. Recently, I’ve gotten albums by the Birthday Party, Swans, Can, and Black Flag thanks to previous versions of this list and the secret bands tournament. Next, I think I’ll give that Minutemen album a try; it seems very interesting. Thank you once more for the recommendations!

    • There was a time when I definitely would have picked “Highway to Hell” over anything else in the AC/DC canon . . . it’s still great, but I don’t listen to much off of it anymore beyond the title track and “Girls Got Rhythm.”

      The Minutemen are amazing . . . and “Double Nickels on the Dime” is their masterpiece. I think you will be pleased (and surprised by one song, if you ever watch the TV show “Jackass”!).

      Glad you continue to enjoy the lists. Happy listening!

      • Red Metal says:

        No problem!

        That’s one thing I noticed happens quite often when I’ve collected albums – I sometimes get songs that I’ve heard, but didn’t know the name of or the artist (sometimes, I knew neither). More than a few times, I’ve said some variant of “Oh! These guys did this song?”

        By the way, what’s your opinion on the top 500 lists by Rolling Stone magazine and NME magazine? I kind of think of them as beginners’ guides because after a certain point, the lists become less handy, especially should one decide to invest in excellent, yet obscure music (such as the aforementioned Swans and Birthday Party).

        • I think 500 is too many items to make a list particularly meaningful . . . . and that some editing would make for a better list. I suspect those types of “macro” lists are created by getting a whole crew of critics and editors to submit their own lists, then aggregating them. If I asked 10 people to give me a list of their top 100 albums with no constraints on what they included, I’m pretty sure I’d end up with at least 500 contenders. The tough part is getting those 10 people to agree to edit them down to 100!!!

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