What About Us?

Indie Moines was originally established as a sister blog to Indie Albany, which was founded in September 2010 by veteran web warrior J. Eric Smith. Indie Albany was a collaborative site for non-commercial, independent (hence “indie”) bloggers, originally based in New York’s Capital Region. Soon after its inception, it quickly grew into a widely-read website with a lot of cool writers contributing from half a dozen states.

Before Indie Albany, Eric had been running websites since 1993 and one or more blogs since 2000, earning a widely-coveted “Freshly Pressed” nod from WordPress in 2010, achieving virality with several pieces over the years, and also amassing many other geektastic accomplishments during his long time online.

In November 2011, Eric and his smart and lovely wife, Marcia Brom Smith (who also wrote for Indie Albany), relocated to Iowa for family reasons. Needing a new local web domain, Eric and Marcia were quickly drawn by the silly allure of “Indie Moines,” since they were Indie Albanians . . . in Des Moines . . . and “Indie Des Moines” tripped awkwardly off the tongue. The new site went live on December 13, 2011.

Things took off quickly again, which was great, as a lot of old readers followed Eric and Marcia from Albany, and a lot of new readers found them in Iowa. Eric shut down Indie Albany as redundant late in 2012 accordingly, so this is now the official place for most new cultural or creative writing from him and, sometimes, Marcia, who also has her own work-related website, here. They have also put archives of selected articles dating back to 1995 here for your amusement and entertainment. Current or recent professional writing generally lands at Eric’s consulting site or the blog he started for Salisbury House, where he also serves as Executive Director.

Feel free to drop Eric and Marcia a line if you have any thoughts, suggestions, comments or complaints about anything you read here.

All rights reserved, and all material on this website Copyright J. Eric Smith and Marcia Brom Smith, 1995-2014, as dated, unless otherwise specifically noted or attributed. Unauthorized use or duplication of this material without express and written permission is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links are acceptable, provided that full and clear credit is given to J. Eric Smith, Marcia Brom Smith or Indie Moines with appropriate and specific direction via links to the original content.

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